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Herb Collection, Storage and Marketing

Herbs collection/storage Work

The work of herb collection, storage and marketing is being carried out through the state forest corporation since the year 1997-98 in Lalitpur district.As per the mandate following sanctions are applicable for herb collection:-

The task of gathering herbs must be made through the local tribesmen and no outside workers shall be employed.

Rights and facilities provided by the government to the villagers will not be curtailed.

Storage rates will be kept such that workers could get proper remuneration. Forest Corporation will determine the collection rates, for each year for which the approval shall be made by the respective Forest Conservator.

The tariffs will be advertised at the collection centers.

Species wise details of collected herbs will be made available to the Forest and Wildlife Department by Forest Corporation.

Extraction of those herbs is prohibited which are restricted by the state government under a legal order or under the orders of the Government of India, they will not be exploited.

The conditions in relation to the auction of herbs/ sale rules which were applicable to the contractors will also be applicable on the UP Forest Corporation to the extent that, the condition set forth in the above 1 to 6 / does not affect restrictions.

Tribal, SC / STs and poor families will be provided with more job options.

Royalty fixed by the government in this regard will be valid and shall be payable to the UP Forest Corporation.

Expansion of Herbs and related works

Due to successful accomplishment of the task on the herbs in Lalitpur, Jhansi, Mahoba, Chitrakoot, Mirjapur, Sonbhadra and Varanasi the current contract practice of collection, storage and marketing of the Forest and Wildlife Department has been ended with immediate effect in the year 2000-2001, and the acceptance for conducting the these works by the UP Forest Corporation has been given under the above conditions numbered from 1 to 9. Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation has released a "herb directory" regarding herb collection, storage and marketing. As per the provisions enumerated in the herbs directory herb related works has to be executed by the respective regional managers divisional logging manager and officers / employees involved in herbs related activities.

For herbs collection, purchasing center for the next month should be set up from August to June at appropriate places in the districts. The purchasing center will be set up in such places as to facilitate the movement of local workers. Establishment of centers should be widely publicize to promote the general public to make them aware of it. Purchasing Center will be open every day or on a particular day shall be determined by regional divisional logging manager keeping in view the availability of relevant herb species, which will be advertised on the purchasing center.