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Animal Adoption Opportunities

Adoption of animals at Lucknow Zoo

An animal adoption scheme has been launched in the Lucknow Zoo. It is foremost, a great way to show anybody’s firm commitment to wildlife conservation by supporting the attempts of Lucknow Zoo. It is a scheme wherein one can choose an animal; contribute the expenses required for its food and upkeep for a certain period of time, thereby “adopting” it. The adoption cost for a particular animal is prepared based on the diet schedule of the particular animal and the approved rate of the items procured for its feeding including a tentative amount that might require for its regular vaccination and treatment.

The salient features of the scheme are:

S. No. Title
1. Animal adoption in Lucknow Zoo implies bearing the expenditure only for feeding and health care of any animal of Lucknow Zoo.
2. Any bona fide Individual/ Organization can adopt an animal of Lucknow Zoo.
3. The Zoo authority reserves the right to accept or reject the proposal of any individual/organization for adopting an animal in the Zoo without assigning reason thereof.
4. The adopter shall have to adopt the animal for a minimum period of one year.
5. The adopter shall bear the entire costs for feeding the animal and health care of the animal as decided by the Zoo authority during the adoption period.
6. The Zoo Authority will prepare the cost for adoption of a particular animal for a specific period that will not be less than one year.
7. The adopter shall have to contribute the amount that will be required for adopting the animal before the period of adoption.
8. The name of the adopter will be displayed with his consent in the enclosure where the adopted animal is exhibited.
9. The adopter shall have to abide by the terms and conditions as laid down by the Lucknow Zoo authority time to time and law in force.
10. In case of sudden death/disposal/exchange of the animal the adopter shall have an option to adopt another animal for the remaining period after having discussion with the Lucknow Zoo Authority.