Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department


Frequently Ask Question
  1. Where is Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary Located?

    Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary is located in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. It is under the control of Divisional Forest Officer, Kashi Wild Life Division with head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.

  2. How do I reach Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary can be accessed by Road and Rail. Nearest railway station is Varanasi junction, 70 kms away and Mugalsarai junction 50 kms away from chandauli. It is well connected with Varanasi by road. Distance from Varanasi is 70 kms. Airport - Nearest air port is Babatpur (Varanasi), 90 kms away from Chandauli.

  3. How do I contact the Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary Management?

    You can contact
    Divisional Forest Officer,
    Kashi Wild Life Division,
    head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.
    Ph. No. - 0542 - 2668231
    E-mail - dfokashi@gmail.com

  4. Which are the entry points to Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    The entry gate located at Chandraprabha Dam is the main entrance for the Sancturay area.

  5. What is the best time to visit Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Visiting season is from July to February.

  6. What is the closed period at Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Sanctuary is open round the year for visitors.

  7. How will be the weather at Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Summer - Temp varies from 27oc to 45oc
    Winter - Temp varies from 03oc to 25oc

  8. What are off days for Sanctuary?


  9. How to book ticket for Sanctuary is Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Tickets can be booked from entry gates located at Chandraprabha Dam.

  10. How can I cancel and reschedule my ticket for the sanctuary?

    Tickets once sold cannot be cancelled and also cannot be rescheduled.

  11. Are vehicles allowed in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Private vehicle are allowed in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary.

  12. How much a ticket costs for the sanctuary?
    S. No. Item Rate in Rs.
    Entry Fee per head (For First 3 days)
    Per Extra days
    Kids, below 5 years
    Entry fee for vehicles
    Two wheeler
    Camera Fee
    Still camera
    Movie Camera
  13. How to get a Guide for the Sanctuary?

    Guides are available at the entry point. Booking clerk will help you to get a guide.

  14. How to get a vehicle for the Sanctuary?

    Private vehicles are available at Chandauli, Varanasi.

  15. How many person are allowed in a vehicle for the Sanctuary?

    As per the capacity of the vehicle.

  16. Where to stay in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Rajdari Vanvishram Grah (FRH)
    Rajdari Dormaitory Kakshi (FRH)

  17. How to book for accommodation in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    Accommodations can be booked at Divisional Forest Officer, Kashi Wild Life Division, head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.

  18. How much a room costs?
    Rs. for Indians
    Rs. for Foreigners
    Rajdari Vanvishram Grah (FRH)
    Rajdari Dormitory Kakshi (FRH)

  19. How to make payments for the accommodation facility.

    A request application along with demand draft in favour of Divisional Forest Officer, Kashi Wild Life Division, head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.

  20. Do the Forest Rest Houses have Canteen Facility?

    No, all the rest houses are equipped with good quality of crockery. Self food preparation is facilitated in all the rest houses.

  21. How to make the cancellation of booked tickets?

    Once booked ticket cannot be cancelled.

  22. Where to get more information on Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?

    From the office of Divisional Forest Officer, Kashi Wild Life Division, head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.

  23. Is there any provision of moving on foot/camping/staying in hides and machans/night-- Sanctuary/cycling/nature trails inside the Sanctuary?

    • Moving on foot is allowed in restricted areas
    • Camping /staying in hides are allowed only on notified places.
    • Night Sanctuary/cycling are not allowed.
  24. What are mandatory documents that i need to carry during the Sanctuary visits?

    For Indian nationals - A photo ID For Foreign nationals - Passport

  25. What are precautions i need to take for my safety while in the Sanctuary?

    Do's and don't are displayed at many places in the jungle / Sanctuary.

    • Fire arms of any kind are not permitted.
    • Pets are not allowed.
    • Walking and tracking is strictly prohibited.
    • Entry is permitted only for day time.
    • Littering and Garbage are not allowed.
    • Smoking in the jungle/sanctuary is strictly prohibited.
    • Transistors and tape recorders are not permitted.
    • Blowing of horns and driving above the speed limit is prohibited.
    • Teasing the animals are prohibited.
    • Entry without valid permit is not allowed.

  26. What are the other tourist places in and around the sanctuary?

    • Rajdari and Devari waterfalls.
    • Chandraprabha Dam.
    • Orwatand water fall
    • Rock paintings of pre Cambrian era near Orwatand.