Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department

Tendu Leaves, Collection, Storage and Marketing

Tendu collection methodology
  • Divisional Logging Manager will notify the start-up dates of Tendu collection faddwise and unit-wise to subordinate staff.
    • Block Making: Food clerk shall clean foods, get them fenced and seized and shall plot a layout of blocks of 5X6 meters (layout) with lime.
    • Tendu purchase: At the time of receipt of Tendu will be checked for number of stacks, inspected for quality, etc. Food clerk / Checker. The stack which shall have lesser leaves than 50 suitable for biri making, will be corrected and opened to make the number of leaves correct. The corrugated stacks having cracks, Debia, Chheda will be cancelled and be separated to get them destroyed so that they may not serve them again.
    • Food clerk will count permissible stacks brought at food by each worker and place them in rows in the block 25X 40 such that bond remains on the lower surface and the lower leaf get folded.
    • Food clerk shall make date wise entry of Tendu collection brought by each worker as well as the details of Tendu leaves collection will be entered into daily notebook. The foods where the card system is not prevalent the workers will be issued coupons.
    • Aeration and moulding: Food Munshi shall aerate the bundles properly after 3 days drying in order to dry the bundles well. Food Munshi shall mould the stacks after two to three days of aeration.
    • Kasti: After drying the leaves in bundles food Munshi properly irrigate the leaves and shall Kasti them. Shall ensure soil dusting from erecting the bundles.
    • Filling of sacks: - Food clerk shall fill the stacks bundles in sacks after satisfactory drying so that the lower corners of the bag are not empty. They shall mark the unit's name in the space, food name, number of bundles on the bags and keep the sacks standing.
  • After filling stack in the bags the food clerk shall get them turned around.