Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department

Tendu Leaves, Collection, Storage and Marketing

Collection rates

The price per standard bag of Tendu is fixed by the advisory committee formed each year for the purpose by following rule/rates issued in notification published in the Official Gazette. Each year two rates per standard bag for Tendu are fixed: -

  • Collection rate of Tendu from land of State Forest, Village Council or other land in the of land local authority.
  • In addition to the above, all other districts where The Tendu Act came into force.
Early Preparation for dissemination of collection rates
  • After Tendu collection rates are notified it has to be given a wide publicity so that everyone should become aware of it. Logging divisional manager will ensure the following actions before starting the task.
    • Issue orders to deploy different sections, units, section officers in funds / unit officers, Fund clerks, checkers, warehouse officers, guards warehouse scalars and to provide the information to the concerned department / divisional office.
    • Issue directives regarding the Tendu storage and exploitation to all Section Officers, warehouse officers, unit officers, warehouse scalars.
    • To arrange for the supply of consumption items for Tendu exploitation.
    • Proceedings for the distribution of necessary forms, records obtained from the Office of the Regional Manager for Tendu harvesting and storage.
    • To verify the quantity (number and weight) of sacks (Hasian bag) purchased by headquarters.
    • To allocate Division number, write logging division name, division serial number and make a record of number of bags subscribed to the various units.
    • To determine the dates of Tendu Fadwar programme for Tendu collection.
    • To send to Forest and Wildlife Department the list of names of Logging officers, section officers, and unit officers and to send for approval a representative sample signature to the Forest Corporation.
    • To prepare Tendu transport plan and initiate proceedings for rate approval process by inviting tenders.
    • To select warehouses and make contract with the warehouse owners.