Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department

Forest Research Institute, Kanpur


Research wing has developed new technologies for clonical multiplications, vermin composition and afforestation of degraded lands in uttar Pradesh It has also developed new technologies for pollution abatement through afforestation: Some of the significant achievements are listed below

  • Improvement in nursery technology and use of root trainers for production of quality seedlings and clonal multiplication of tree species like Eucalyptus, Dalbergia sissoo, Bamboo etc.
  • Development of new poplar clones and research of suitability of poplar clones in different Agro- Climatic Zones.
  • Establishment of seed production area, seedling seed production area and Clonal Seed Orchard of Eucalayptus hybrid Tectona grandis, Bombax ceiba, Dalbergia sissoo, Acacia nilotica and prosopis juliflora.
  • Supply of quality seed to different forest divisions.
  • Developing technique for Vermicomposting with the help of of red-worms.
  • Suitable models for afforestation of saline- alkali soils (user), ravines & brakish water areas of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Ecological survey of Dudhwa National park and Bird Sanctuaries of Samaspur and Nawabganj.
  • Determination of calorific values wood density and burning properties of 100 tree species.
  • Studies of root behavior of different tree species in user area.
  • Study of D.Sissii mortality in eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  • Evaluation of azadirechtin rich neem seed zones available in different ecosystems.